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What is design build?

Historically “design build” was ubiquitous among architect-designed buildings from houses to cathedrals and other public buildings. The Architect, then termed the Master Builder, had an extensive knowledge of craft and construction and an intimate relationship with local craftsman. The master builder would take on the role that we now know as the “general contractor”, having full responsibility for the design, construction, details and project delivery.

Berkeley Design Build (BDB) carries on this tradition todaythe design build process that we use is the same process that has produced many of the historically beautiful buildings in our community.

Why build with BDB?

BDB brings an architectʼs perspective and a builderʼs skill set to every phase of your project. There is a common complaint that architects design things that canʼt be built and contractors have no design sensibility. With the Architect and Contractor being the same person, BDB avoids the common problems of most Architecture and construction firms.

BDB wonʼt design and build beyond your budget. We guide clients through the process of reconciling their budget with their project requirements. BDB provides updated project cost management at every stage of design and construction, giving our clients full understanding and control of their decisions and affect on budget.

BDB provides direct and continuous oversight of your project. From architecture through municipal permitting, construction and project maintenance, BDB will personally provide management of every phase of your project.

BDB has successful experience with the permitting process in many East Bay municipalities. We have been very successful in obtaining variances when needed and in facilitating design solutions that are acceptable to both client and neighbors. We work and live in these areas and maintain a shared goal of continued stewardship of our vibrant communities.

BDB has adaptable project delivery methods. We can provide architecture only services as well as full service construction from advising clients who want to have a hands-on approach and actively participate in the process with us, right down to hanging paintings on the wall. We can tailor our services to projects needs.

BDBs design build process allows for change and improvement without penalty. Some decisions are best made on site rather than on paper. Sometimes we discover ways to improve the design as the project takes shape, and sometimes the client simply changes their mind. BDB provides an open framework to accommodate these changes in the most efficient and seamless way possible.

BDB draws on the talents and resources of many. BDB has developed long term relationships with a dependable and experienced group of subcontractors and craftsman. BDB also sources most materials from a wide range of locally owned, full service material suppliers.

 BDB selects quality materials and has vetted many products so you donʼt have to.  BDB picks materials that are maintainable and age wellwe keep an extensive list of high value plumbing fixtures, hardware, electrical fixtures, tile, and flooring choices. Clients are free, of course, to select as they please, but we offer a great place to start.

BDB provides and updates a detailed project schedule from start to finish. Clients are given ample advance notice of when decisions must be madeno surprise “I need to know what sink you want tomorrow or the plumber canʼt come back for a week!” requests.

BDB is dependable. BDB has an excellent reputation for immediate response, follow through, and long term relationship management (see our client comments, or contact us for a list of referrals!)

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